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James Podles

Web Design & Development

About Me


Hi! I'm James, a web designer and developer based in Vancouver, Canada.

I've worked with clients including The Directors Guild of Canada, Frank Giustra, The Fiore Group, BC Parks Foundation, Catalytico, Think Tank Training Centre, Grosvenor Berkeley, Giustra Foundation, DeepGreen Metals, and more.

For references, or to speak to me about working on a project, please contact me using the form below.

Recent Work

Internal Projects

  • Nested Naturals

    • Built custom migration system to reliably transfer all e-commerce data into new platform (Node.js, RavenDB)
    • Integrated Amazon FBA shop, Shopify store, and Logiwa 3PL with Netsuite ERP (Node.js, SuiteScript)
    • Developed custom reporting features for order data (Node.js, PHP)
  • Louis Powersports Online

    • Built connector to integrate the ChannelAdvisor e-commerce platform with CDK LightSpeed dealer management software. (Node.js)
    • Synced Finale inventory management database using the CDK LightSpeed API (Node.js)
    • Connected the Tucker distribution system to ChannelAdvisor (Node.js)
    • Developed desktop application to automate data-entry and transfer tasks (Python)
  • MEA Risk

    • Developed mapping system to render chloropleth maps of risk-assessment data for the Middle East and North Africa (JavaScript, PHP)
  • Think Tank Training Centre

    • Developed an admin portal for management of online and on-campus students and faculty (Vue.js, Node.js)
    • Built solutions to synchronize ActiveCampaign CRM, Intercom, Xero Accounting, FlyWire Payments, Zoom Meetings, and VersaPay with one another and with internal systems (primarily Node.js)
    • Created secure solution for storing sensitive student data such as social insurance numbers (Python, AWS)
    • Developed desktop application which allows faculty to grade and deliver feedback on student work (Electron)
  • BC Parks Foundation

    • Integrated website / payment processor with SalesForce to help track donations (PHP)
  • Xover Technologies

    • Created a custom sales agent portal including secure contract signing / management and audit logs (Meteor)
    • Developed a fundraiser management platform for associated charities and non-profits (Vue.js, Laravel)
    • Built a custom bug-reporting system for internal usage (ProcessWire)



  • Company
  • Freelance
    Web Designer / Developer
    • Created, maintained, and updated sites for clients (client references available upon request).
  • Group Photo Software
    Lead Front-End Developer
    • Developed Meteor.js-based web client for media-focused social app
    • Updated, maintained, and added features to custom payroll/business management application
    • Built internal applications for company
    • Developed knowledge base system for app documentation and help pages
    • Managed remote team of front-end developers
  • Acquire Mobile Solutions
    Lead Developer
    • Planned, architected, and developed microservice-based platform for company's core product
    • Developed sales and marketing applications including a custom CRM, a lead form engine, and a bug-tracking system
    • Managed and trained team of developers
    • Developed crossplatform mobile apps for Acquire customers
    • Responsible for full-stack development of various company websites
  • TWYNE™ Enterprises
    Lead Front-End Developer
    • Developed web app that allows sales reps to generate, manage, and sign contracts with clients
    • Implemented custom e-commerce integrations for client sites
    • Responsible for front-end development of all company sites, including central sites TWYNE™ Market and TWYNE™ Merchant Portal
  • 10/90 Group
    Developer & SysAdmin
    • Handled all IT-related tasks for company's properties
    • Developed company websites
    • Developed online user referral coupon system
    • Planned & managed social media marketing and promotion initiatives
  • Yellow Hat Media
    Junior Front-End Developer
    • Maintained and updated client sites including Galloping Goose Grille, Langford Lanes, Undefined Lifestyle, and TWYNE™
    • Designed and coded email templates and signatures
    • Installed, configured, and customized WordPress templates for clients
  • Producer Tools
    Mobile App Designer
    • Planned and developed application logic for mobile app aimed at electronic music producers
    • Created graphics and UI elements for mobile app
    • Created marketing and other promotional material for app

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