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James Podles

Web Design & Development


Mobile Apps

  • Open Sunshine

    Search for a politician to see a list of which companies, organizations, industries, and individuals have donated money to them, and how much they've donated. You can also read a description of each donor, and see who else they've donated money to.

  • Celyn

    Records and analyzes music using the device's microphone, then determines and display the musical key of the music. Currently in beta testing, please contact me for an APK.

  • VanTrees

    Allows users to search a database of city-owned trees in Vancouver by address. Uses Restify and Ionic / Cordova.

  • Oblique Strategies

    A virtual deck of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies cards for musicians and artists. Draw a random card from the deck for a new technique that helps you break through creative blocks and approach problems from new directions.


Plugins & Tools

  • Sassy Palettes

    Sassy Palettes

    This tool allows users to search ColourLovers for colour palettes, and convert any palette from the results into a set of Sass variables.

  • jQuery Floating Labels

    Floating Labels

    A jQuery plugin that implements the floating labels design pattern in forms.

    Download Demo
  • Flickr CC Search

    Flickr CC Search

    This Chrome extention allows you to quickly search Flickr for Creative-Commons-licensed photographs.

  • Contract Generator

    Contract Generator

    A web app that generates a contract for web designers and developers based on the information that they input.

  • Adaptive Text Color

    Adaptive Text Colour

    A jQuery plugin that automatically changes the text colour of an element depending on how dark its background colour is.

    Download Demo
  • Soundcloud Coverflow

    Soundcloud Coverflow

    This WordPress plugin displays any Soundcloud playlist in an iTunes-style coverflow interface.



About Me


Hi! I'm James, a web designer and developer based in Vancouver, Canada. I love creating websites and web apps that do cool and unique things; I'm especially interested in working on music-related projects, as well as on sites with a charity or non-profit focus. When designing a site, I focus first and foremost on the users' experience, and on making it as easy and simple as possible for them to accomplish the site's goals.

My current tools of choice are Vue.js as a front-end framework, ProcessWire as a content management system, Lumen for a PHP server-side framework, Restify for a Node.js framework, Webpack or Gulp for automation, and Git for version control. I've also worked extensively with Meteor.js, Electron, and Cordova/Phonegap/Ionic. Picking up new tools and workflows quickly is no problem; I'm always up for learning something new.

For client references, or to speak to me about working on a project, please contact me using the form below.


  • Company
  • Group Photo Software
    Lead Front-End Developer
    • Developed Meteor.js-based web client for media-focused social app
    • Updated, maintained, and added features to custom payroll/business management application
    • Built internal applications for company
    • Developed knowledge base system for app documentation and help pages
    • Managed remote team of front-end developers
  • Acquire Mobile Solutions
    Lead Developer
    • Planned, architected, and developed microservice-based platform for company's core product
    • Developed sales and marketing applications including a custom CRM, a lead form engine, and a bug-tracking system
    • Managed and trained team of developers
    • Developed crossplatform mobile apps for Acquire customers
    • Responsible for full-stack development of various company websites
  • TWYNE™ Enterprises
    Lead Front-End Developer
    • Developed web app that allows sales reps to generate, manage, and sign contracts with clients
    • Implemented custom e-commerce integrations for client sites
    • Responsible for front-end development of all company sites, including central sites TWYNE™ Market and TWYNE™ Merchant Portal
  • 10/90 Group
    Developer & SysAdmin
    • Handled all IT-related tasks for company's properties
    • Developed company websites
    • Developed online user referral coupon system
    • Planned & managed social media marketing and promotion initiatives
  • Yellow Hat Media
    Junior Front-End Developer
    • Maintained and updated client sites including Galloping Goose Grille, Langford Lanes, Undefined Lifestyle, and TWYNE™
    • Designed and coded email templates and signatures
    • Installed, configured, and customized WordPress templates for clients
  • Producer Tools
    Mobile App Designer
    • Planned and developed application logic for mobile app aimed at electronic music producers
    • Created graphics and UI elements for mobile app
    • Created marketing and other promotional material for app
  • Freelance
    Web Designer / Developer
    • Created, maintained, and updated sites for clients, focusing on music-oriented and non-profit websites (client references available upon request).
  • Freelance
    Technical Writer
    • Wrote articles and manuals for AudioTuts+, N-Track Studio, Percussa, Soundista, Creating Trance, and many more.

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